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Theory Advanced Statistics

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Course Advanced Statistics is Wednesday december 10 2014: 19.00-23.00
The course takes place in the 'Hof van Wageningen, Lawickse Allee 9.

The course treats the entire subject with emphasis on Regression and Anova,
You get a short classical explanation with every exercise,
combined with some time to study the exercise and ask questions,

Total costs are 30 euro, You can pay at the start of the course.

To enlist: send an SMS (0655308436) or an e-mail:
For example: Anne, 0123456789, Advanced Statistics

De doelstelling van statistisch onderzoek

is te bewijzen wat iedereen al weet

op een manier die niemand begrijpt.



Statistiek die jij zelfs leuk vindt. 

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